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The Globe Scrollers

About Us

‘To scroll the globe’ is something that we really like doing. We often hit it gently, see it scrolling and then we stop it with a finger to check the randomly chosen location. Have you ever tried?

We feel like Globe Scrollers: we love scrolling the globe and choose our next holiday destination. Before leaving, we usually collect a lot of information, we read articles, check maps: here you will find the result of our work, a diary where our experiences and adventures have been written down, travel notes and tips with the aim of helping you to build your own perfect itinerary.

Like we have been old friends for ages, the ones just come back home from the last journey, the ones to ask some tips to in front of a delicious pizza.


Roberto will show you his best pics, taken at the perfect moment with the right light; he will tell you about the landscapes and the flavours he has experimented, about the children he played with and who fell in love with his genuineness. He might pack your suitcase in 10 minutes, with his engineering mindset you could really pack everything you want.


Maria will talk for hours, you' d better get comfortable. She will mention all the details probably starting from her childhood just to be sure not to forget anything.  She will tell you about the feelings, the emotions, the best memories and you'll feel like you have already been there in those places, at least with your heart. She is an interpreter, she loves talking to people and catch the shades of their different languages. 


Pizza is over and it's been a pleasure to chat a bit with you guys. If you want to come back here to read our posts and take notes for your next journey, we'll be here for you: it is very likely that we will try to convince you to come and visit our homeland because we are deeply in love with it and because we are 100% sure that in front of our sea, looking at it, you will feel happy.

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