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Aeolian Islands Gulet Cruise sea



Aeolian Islands

Gulet Cruise


Seven volcanic islands off the Northern coast of Sicily: wild, unique, astonishing.

The best way to visit them all? With a gulet cruise, on a typical turkish wooden boat wide and comfortable enough to enjoy a perfect relaxing holiday on the sea. ATTENTION! Do not choose this kind of holiday if you don’t want to:

- fall asleep every night under the stars listening to the sound of sea waves and wake up on the water to see the sunrise

- wear a swimsuit all day long and swim until 5 minutes before lunch, with no need to think about what to cook

- go snorkeling, dive into a crystal clear sea every day in a different place and have dinner on a different island every night

- have an aperitivo at sunset with a glass of iced Prosecco watching the sky change colors, sailing towards the horizon


In case you do, well go ahead with the booking process - it will be one of the best holidays of your life.


Caicco Amra is a comfortable and wide gulet: cabins with private toilet, a spacious deck with 2 cushioned seating areas ideal for sunbathing and the best crew we could find. Lisa and Ege: skippers, cooks, guides and travel buddies, ready to show us all the best these islands can offer and always being professional with a smile.

Here is our itinerary.















Aeolian Islands Gulet Cruise sea



We leave the port of Milazzo to reach the first island: Vulcano with its black sand and hot springs welcome us with the first sunset and the first night onboard at anchor in Punta Bandiera, Gelso Bay.

Our first seafood dinner, looking at the sea becoming dark, under the moonlight: a great start.

Aeolian Islands Gulet Cruise sea Panarea


Wake up, put your swimsuit on, the smell of pancakes: opening your eyes and have the sea in front of you is a great emotion for sea lovers like us. Off to Lipari island to have a swim at the Spiaggia di Pietra Pomice beach; we move to Cala degli Zimmari, Panarea for lunch and we will go on the island to hopelessly fall in love with it: Panarea is the most chic and exclusive one, with its blue doors and white houses, the prickly pear trees and a breathtaking view. Before we come back onboard, there’s time to have a cannolo and granita at Le Delizie di Nonna Pasqualina: if you have never tried Sicilian street food, well you should really start doing it.

Aeolian Islands Gulet Cruise sea Stromboli
Aeolian Islands Gulet Cruise sea Stromboli


Stromboli island gives us one of the most beautiful experiences of this holiday: see the eruption at night, from the gulet, completely surrounded by the dark and the silence only broken by the gush of lava and a sparkling red fire river down to the sea, the famous ‘sciara di fuoco’: absolutely amazing. During the day we sail around Basiluzzo and Strombolicchio rocks, we also go down on the island where lots of groups get ready for the excursion to the volcano crater; we just have a walk around the craftsman’s shops and have some delicious arancini at Nonna Antonia.

Aeolian Islands Gulet Cruise sea Salina
Aeolian Islands Gulet Cruise sea Salina


We come back to Panarea to dive into Lisca Bianca spot water and explore the seabed where many bubbles come from to quickly reach the surface like in an aquarium full of colourful fish and some elegant and lonely jelly fish. After Cala Junco, we sail towards Salina island, one of our fav ones, where some scenes of Il Postino movie were filmed, with our beloved actor Massimo Troisi. A little paradise surrounded by nature, the land of Malvasia wine and delicious capers that we also taste in a sweet candied version on a sheep milk ricotta cheese from Vulcano filled cannolo kindly prepared by the owner of Terre di Salina, in the main square of Santa Marina.

Aeolian Islands Gulet Cruise sea
Aeolian Islands Gulet Cruise sea


Salina is the second biggest island after Lipari and we have the chance to explore another area of it this morning: Lingua, with its lovely little port, the lighthouse and the seafront where we have a memorable breakfast with the most delicious granita of all Aeolian Islands. At Da Alfredo, ricotta cheese and pistachio, with a fluffy brioche bun. Nothing else to add.

Later on we have another great swim at Punta Macello, Spiaggia del Fortino beach and then we reach Filicudi, the most savage and the smallest one - after Alicudi, the only one we won’t visit during this tour - where we will spend the night at anchor after enjoying a remarkable dinner prepared by our great turkish cook.

Aeolian Islands Gulet Cruise sea Lipari


On our way back, we stop by Pollara beach in Salina, the one where the poet Pablo Neruda had his morning walks in ‘Il Postino’ movie; then we reach the last island, Lipari the biggest one. At Acqua Calda spot we have one of the most amazing swims in a warm quiet sea and we also spot a pod of dolphins around there, an exciting encounter that fills our hearts with joy. We visit Marina Corta, from the little port some narrow streets full of shops guide us up to the castle and at Bar Pasticceria D’Ambra we have a tasty cannolo and a Malvasia & peach flavoured granita by the sea in a hot summer night that we’ll hardly forget.

Aeolian Islands Gulet Cruise sea
Aeolian Islands Gulet Cruise sea


Our last day brings us to Lipari Faraglioni rocks and Cala di Mastro Minico in Vulcano, sailing back to Milazzo port where we’ll have our last dinner on board enjoying the last night of this unforgettable holiday, together with our great crew and some new friends who shared with us this experience made unique by lots of laughs, exciting swims and summer nights to bring forever in our hearts.

Aeolian Islands Gulet Cruise sea


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