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California San Francisco Venice Beach

4 days in Los Angeles:

the perfect itinerary

Such a big, chaotic, traffic troubled city. Quite different from the one we had pictured in our mind, maybe because this time it was real, right under our eyes and not in our dreams anymore. 

We spent 4 days in the City of Angels and here is our itinerary including all the best attractions.

California Los Angeles Rodeo Drive
California Los Angeles The Beverly Hills Hotel
California Los Angeles Rodeo Drive

DAY 1 - afternoon

It's hard not to start exploring LA from Beverly Hills: we have always connected this city to palm trees, insane villas with infinity pools and the Hollywood sign on the back. 

Free park your car in North Crescent Drive, next to the Beverly Hills Gardens and walk straight to Rodeo Drive: try not to faint while looking at those luxury boutiques and supercars probably driven by some movie stars.

Take your car back and keep driving on Sunset Boulevard through Holmby Hills area, up to North Beverly Glen Boulevard till Mulholland Drive, along a panoramic street with a view on Hollywood Hills and on the perfect dream houses you'd like to live in: white, sun-kissed, perfectly designed with a lovely front lawn and a pool on the backyard.

We reached the Griffith Observatory at sunset to take a memorable pic of the Hollywood sign but you can also have a nice spot for free on Mulholland Drive. 



















California Los Angeles Venice Beach basket
California Los Angeles Venice beach skate park
California Los Angeles Malibu surf
California Los Angeles Venice beach


IThis is for you, ocean lovers: Santa Monica and Venice Beach in the morning, Malibu in the afternoon waiting for the sunset.

After parking your car at Santa Monica Parking Structure 3 (1320 4th Street) go to the famous Pier: there's an Amusement Park with a Ferris Wheel, some restaurants, souvenir shops and a view on the coast and on the ocean waves.

You can move to Venice with a 30-minute walk along the Ocean Front or with scooter sharing: surfers, lifeguard towers, red swimsuit and you are in a Baywatch episode. Keep walking along the coast to explore Venice: phenomenal skaters and basketball players are waiting for you. Souvenir shops, Muscle Beach and unfortunately a lot of homeless, too. 

Move to Malibu in the afternoon, it'll take less than 1 hour if you are lucky enough with traffic jams. Relax on the beach, play with the cold ocean water, see the guys looking for the perfect wave and enjoy your California sunset. 

California Los Angeles Universal Studious Jurassic World
California Los Angeles Universal Studious Harry Potter Butterbeer


Are you ready to feel like kids again? The Universal Studios are waiting for you!

We get to the main entrance quite early in the morning with a 10-minute walk from our hotel: with the Express Tickets bought online we can enter right after the gates open and check all the attractions and shows we want to see.

Probably the only place in the world where you can drink a Butterbeer and buy a wand at Olivander's, eat a giant donut in Springfield, have a studios tour where your favourite movie have been filmed and join a Waterworld show with an epic finale. All in the same day.

California Los Angeles Hollywood sign


You can spend your last day exploring the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), Melrose Avenue murals (Colette Miller Wings included), the Mall called ‘The Grove’ with a stop over at the Cheesecake Factory and have lunch at the Farmers Market.

We went to Hollywood in the afternoon for a walk on the Walk of Fame, to read the names and see the footprints of our favourite stars on the Chinese Theatre floor. 

We ended our LA itinerary and also our unforgettable on the road trip coming back to Santa Monica for dinner, to see it for the last time under the moonlight with the colourful Ferris Wheel lights reflecting into the ocean.

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