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Torino Magica and Torino Noir Mole Antonelliana




Torino Magica and Torino Noir: the 2 most original tours in town!

Weekend in Turin: what to do? Explore the hidden side of the city through 2 original and unique tours!

Did you know that Turin has 2 souls? One linked to white magic and the other one to evil-black magic, as part of 2 triangles. A long esoteric and mysterious tradition sneaks into the streets, on old buildings doors, hidden between the statues in the main squares, covering dark truths and legends. We found it out in a lovely late summer evening, thanks to Torino Magica Tour supplied by Somewhere Tour, narrated by official Piedmont region excellent tour guides with passion and enthusiasm, eager to spread their knowledge again after the long lockdown - they gave us the chance to know better the city we have been living in for 5 years now. And what if we told you that you can visit some monuments and sites with evening exclusive openings while listening to past crime, witchcraft and exorcism stories? You can do it with Torino Noir Tour. Wanna know more?

Somewhere Tour & Events the globe scrollers Solferino square

SOMEWHERE TOURS & EVENTS | With more than 20 years of experience, professionalism and expertise the team is committed to organize tours, weekends and events to promote Turin city and Piedmont region, driven by a deep knowledge of territory and tourism, passion, culture and original ideas. Check their official website to know more:

TORINO MAGICA | Beware of fake tour guides, Somewhere Tour is the official Torino Magica Tour provider, available all Thursday and Saturday evenings - 2.5 hours starting from Piazza Statuto on a comfortable private bus; the tour continues on foot and also includes a funny performance played by actors who will bring you back to the past in the wonderful frame of Piazza Castello under the moonlight. The dark is perfect for mystery, the tour guide story creates the magic and the result will be a charming walk through doors with devils carved into the wood, statues hiding Masonic details, esoteric proofs in the architecture of old buildings. 

Tour Torino Magica Solferino square

TORINO NOIR | Turin Cathedral Bell Tower exclusively opened for Somewhere Tour, 200 steps: we reach the top and the view is stunning. The enlighted Mole, Palazzo Madama standing out in all its majesty, the city lights. The tour guide starts talking and we immediately travel back to a past Turin, scourged by the plague, crime stories and exorcism, a Noir past with red blood shades. The exclusive openings continue to the Town Hall courtyard and to a peculiar Church where the ones condemned to death used to spend the last moments of their lives. You can live this and much more we prefer not to unveil all Fridays, 8.30 pm with Somewhere Tour. 

Tour Torino Noir comune


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