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Kenya safari Tsavo Est savannah




Tsavo East Safari:

the experience

We highly recommend to organize your safari with the funny and friendly Beach Boys you'll meet on the beach in Watamu. Of course the resort will offer you more expensive and apparently safer excursions, but we decided to go for adventure this time. We chose the 2-day safari option at Tsavo East National Park, the biggest of Kenya: you can choose to stay at a lodge or campground, we wanted to stay at Voi Wildlife Lodge with comfortable rooms 2 steps away from a waterhole where animals come to drink; falling asleep with elephant trumpet sounds has been the experience of a lifetime. 

Kenya Safari savannah jeep















We left the resort very early, Beach Boys came to pick us up at the entrance: 6 am in the morning, in Africa, 3 people on a motorcycle made by recycled parts on Watamu deserted streets: a great start for our adventure.  

We reached the village centre and bought some flour and cookies for women and children we'll meet during our trip to the Park, while waiting for our jeep and the other guys we've shared this experience with: the uneven dusty long road in the middle of savannah will show us a glimpse of life here, with dozens of straw huts and hundreds of barefoot, undernourished children smiling at us on the streets. 


Once we get to the Park, our safari begins: the view is surreal, colors are bright, our jeep goes on and our guide keeps looking around us to find the animals.

It's really exciting to almost touch a crocodile, watch elegant giraffes browsing leaves from the top of a tree, challenge an ostrich and lose the race from our jeep. Slowly getting close to a lion family has probably been the most memorable moment of our safari.


Kenya Tsavo Est safari crocodile
Kenya Tsavo Est monkey
Kenya Tsavo Est safari savannah lions
Kenya Tsavo Est safari savannah giraffe

RAt the lodge we'll have the most unusual dinner of our life: overlooking a group of elephants drinking and playing at the waterhole. We are in the middle of savannah, in their natural habitat, spectators of this wonderful nature, in total admiration and respect of it.

We will fall asleep with animals sounds at night, we'll have a close encounter with a 2 mt high impala before getting to our room (running from it as fast as we can) and we'll look forward to living the following day safari at dawn when it should be easier to find the animals around the park. 

Kenya Tsavo Est safari Wildlife lodge

On our way back to the resort we'll visit an authentic Maasai village (with a little entrance fee): they'll dance for us, light a fire, show us their straw huts and tell their stories.

Kenya Maasai village traditional dance

The last stop before getting to our resort has been the most emotional and joyful one: we visited an orphanage full of children smiling, singing and hugging us who made it so hard to say goodbye to them when it was time to go. We'll never forget their eyes.

We suggest you to bring some toys, pencils, notebooks and clothes with you, they'll be so happy to receive them.

Kenya orphanage children
Kenya orphanage children


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